My First Goal Post

When I first got started in internet marketing a few years back I was as green as they come. I knew people were making money online, but I had no clue how they were doing it. I had previously done some time in network marketing and MLM deals, so the concept of marketing directly to

Tips For Building An Email List

There’s a well-worn saying amongst marketers. “The money is in the list.” Mailing lists are a reliable vehicle for making long-term profits in affiliate marketing. Your email lists are so powerful because they build you equity in your business. See, you’re are not just driving one-time traffic to the highest bidder for a one-time commission. Instead, you are developing

Jump Start Is A Go!

Tuesday I told you that I was going to give my new list a jump start with a co-registration-esque (yes, I’m big into hyper-hyphenating words) paid traffic method. I did indeed launch that new campaign and it was approved the next day. I’m starting with a modest $10 daily budget and capping it at $50

3 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Great

After all these years many of my friends and family still don’t understand what I do. They know that I have some kind of “internet business” – that I make money online somehow. They’re so trapped in the concept of having a job with one employer or running a traditional brick-and-mortar business that they don’t

Easy Way To Get Subscribers To My New Email List

I want to get started growing my new email list for this project right away (and I mean ASAP!). So, while I’m building my lead capture funnel I’m going to give Goal #2 a jump start. An Easy Way To Get Subscribers This afternoon I employed a nifty little ninja method I learned from Jeremy Kennedy’s

Why Should You Make Money On The Internet?

The internet is undeniably one of the easiest and FASTEST vehicles for creating a profitable business. The internet has no bias towards any particular demographic, meaning that ANYONE can make money on the internet regardless of their age, sex, education, work experience, or ability. You really just need a working computer, internet access, and an understanding of

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